OptiClimate - Opticlimate 15000 pro3 Split inverter EX

OptiClimate 15000 PRO3 Split EX air-cooled airco. The OptiClimate 15000 PRO3 Split EX from the PRO 3 series is a lot more efficient with electricity and has a much higher dehumidifying capacity.

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OptiClimate 15000 PRO3 Inverter Split EX air-cooled airco. The Opticlimate Split units are also available in an EX (Extended Reach) model. The EX model can bridge a distance of up to 30 metres between the indoor and outdoor unit. It comes with a quick-connect 15-metre cooling hose. Single Phase.


The Split EX (Extended Reach) unit of the OptiClimate 15000 PRO3 can bridge a distance upto 30 meter between the indoor unit and outdoor unit. The OptiClimate Split EX Units come standard with a quick-connect 15 meter cooling hose which consists of a set of two hoses. If a longer cooling hose is needed, this can be ordered upto a maximum distance of 30 meters. For example, if 30 meter cooling hose is needed for a OptiClimate 15000 PRO3  Split EX you should order this cooling hose 15 times (for 15 meters extra).

Inverter technology ensures even control of the temperature and humidity. The Inverter enables the OptiClimate to continuously adjust the temperature smoothly to the set temperature. The OptiClimate Inverter reacts directly to the smallest differences between the set temperature and the current temperature. The inverter technology prevents the frequent switching on and shutting off of the compressor thus preventing peaks in the power supply. The OptiClimate Inverter therefore uses less water and power and creates a more even temperature and humidity. This technology also uses “soft start”, the compressor speed is gradually increased thus preventing a high start-up current. The OptiClimate Inverter has the unique property that this is multiphase meaning that the compressor can be connected to both 230-240V single-phase or 400V 3-phase.



  • Name: Opticlimate 15000 PRO3 Inverter Split EX
  • Cooling capacity: 15 kW
  • Dimensions: 1230 x 900 x 545 mm
  • Weight: 170 kg
  • Water usage: N.a.
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Connection: 1 Fase 3x2,5 mm² + D16-1F Automatic
  • Heating elements: 3x2700W
  • Phase: 1-3
  • Split Unit: Yes

Extended Reach: Yes

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